Perl GSSAPI Bindings

This project wants to provide Perlbindings to the C-GSSAPI interface as described in RFC 2744 (obsoletes RFC 1509)

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provides a Perl-adapter to the C-GSSAPI interface
  • RFC 2744 Generic Security Service API Version 2 : C-bindings
  • RFC 2743 Generic Security Service Application Program Interface


provides the HTTP Negotiate Authentication Scheme via GSSAPI. That means your LWP becomes able to do transparent SSO to Webservers supporting GSSAPI (like Microsoft IIS or Apache with mod_auth_kerb)

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ModuleDescriptionrelated standards


Simon Wilkison wrote this SASL-adapter to implementing the Authen::SASL interface.

It is used to do GSSAPI (Kerberos5) authentication when using Authen::SASL-enabeled Perlmodules like

  • RFC 2222 Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL)

    describes in section 7.2. the integration of GSSAPI into SASL

  • RFC 2251 Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (v3)

    describes how SASL integrates into the bind request.

  • RFC 2829Authentication Methods for LDAP

    describes SASL integration in LDAP, but how this is done with GSSAPI

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Achim Grolms

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